Establishment Fee

Payable to Us prior to the collection of the vehicle and is used to cover the admin costs associated with setting up your Hire Purchase agreement.

$300-1,000 (Once Off)

direct debit & Account Keeping Fee

Payable to Us for every week your lease remains active and is on top of your standard weekly repayment. This fee is also used to cover the cost to process your direct debit payment through our payment provider. 

$5 per week

Dishonored or Missed Payment Fee

Payable to Us if you miss or fail to make a payment in accordance with the repayment schedule  

$25 per dishonor

Enforcement Expenses

Payable to Us when we need to take action to enforce the contract.

$At Cost

Infringement Admin Fee

Payable to Us when we receive an infringement notice which you are liable to pay

$45 per infrigement