Why choose leasie?


Affordable weekly repayment

Own your vehicle in under two years

No lock in contracts

Repayments to suit your budget

Large range of vehicles to suit all lifestyles

Registration and 24/7 roadside assistance included

You can enjoy all these benefits and more by selecting one of our vehicles

How lease-to-own works with leasie?

select a vehicle

Leasie has partnered up with one of Australia’s largest Dealer Groups to provide you with the most reliable vehicles available on the market today. Every vehicle we offer goes through an extensive 120 point safety check to ensure that it has been regularly serviced, is free of any damage and has a current road worthy certificate.

apply online

Applying for finance doesn't need to be difficult, that's why Leasie has developed an application process that is fast and easy.  Our online portal allows you to login from any device, and can be completed within minutes. 

set up your payments

Once Leasie has approved your application and you are happy to proceed, you can set up your payments easily by logging  into your customer portal. Once your payment details have been added and the set up fee has been paid, you will be contacted by your account manager within 24 hours to organise collection of your vehicle.

ride/drive away

Now to the fun part. Once your delivery date has been confirmed, you are ready to go. On the day of delivery your account manager will show you through the vehicle to ensure that you are satisfied with its overall condition.

ongoing support

Once you have collected your vehicle, your account manager will be available for any ongoing support required. Including updating your personal details, rescheduling repayments, requesting payout figures plus much more.


The team at Leasie were very helpful. I wasn't sure if I was going to get approved, but they made the entire process easy and I was able to pick the bike up within 48 hours.

christine alverez

I wanted a scooter to use for UberEats. I applied with Leasie, and was approved the same day. They also provided the documents to upload in my UberEats account. 

pablo manso

I needed a bike urgently to get to and from work. I applied for finance with a few lenders and got declinned due to my Visa. Leasie gave me a chance, and I really appreciate it. A++

don george


Our prices are fixed and designed for you to pay off the vehicle over the shortest period possible. At Leasie, we mostly cater to credit-challenged customers looking to rebuild their credit rating whilst paying off a vehicle over a set term.
All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and hold a valid driver's license. 
The applicant must not be currently bankrupt or experiencing hardship.
It is crucial that you only apply if you can afford to take on the additonal repayment, on top of your existing expenses.  

Once you make the final payment, you will own the vehicle. You can also decide to purchase the vehicle at any time during the agreement.

Just send us an email stating that you wish to terminate your lease agreement. We will then assist you with the final payment process so you can purchase the car.

When all required payments have been made, we'll transfer the title to you. Then, you'll own the vehicle unencumbered.

Leasie retains full ownership and title on all of our rent-to-own vehicles until the final payment is made on your lease. We also have rights and interests on our vehicles that we can claim anytime during the lease period. 

You can earn money with our rent-to-own vehicles as long as you follow our terms and conditions noted at https://www.leasie.com.au/terms-conditions.html. 

You can also drive with as many passengers as the vehicle can accommodate. 

However, you’re not allowed to use the vehicle for rideshare purchases. That is, you’re not allowed to transport people in exchange for payment. 

Also, you cannot rent out the vehicle to a third party to use.

While you're free to use the vehicle as you please, you’re expected to follow the agreed terms; else, you may forfeit your lease and lose the vehicle.

Yes, you are required to obtain insurance for the vehicle while also noting Leasie are an interested party. Insurance will help reduce any financial burden in the case of theft, loss, or damage.

You’re free to use any registered insurance agency of your choice. Should you already hold a policy on another vehicle, you can also choose to extend that insurance policy to cover the new vehicle.

However, we may ask you to provide proof with documents that show you’ve obtained insurance cover, so you must keep records of your premium payment.

If you need any further assistance on our vehicle insurance requirements, or recommendations on insurance options available to you. Please reach out and we will assist where possible.

You’re expected to service the vehicle as per the manufacturers requirements. The service intervals can be found either in the log books provided or by visting the individual manufacturers website. You’re required to perform service checks and make necessary repairs on the vehicle where necessary. Regular servicing ensures that the vehicle remains reliable and in the best condition possible.
Yes, you can allow a third party to use the car. However, the person must be covered on your insurance policy. Also, your contract restricts you from giving someone access to the vehicle in exchange for money. 

You can own your vehicle any time!  

Inform us when you’re ready to purchase your vehicle and we will provide you a current payout letter. Once all the due instalments have been made, the vehcile will be transferred into your name.

Yes, you can terminate the contract before the end date. If you'd like to purchase the car early or for any other reason, you can end the agreement.

You’ll be required to fulfil all of your contract obligations and complete any due payments. However, you won’t need to continue paying instalments or any recurring fees. 

You can contact us through email at contact@leasie.com.au or or by phoning, (07) 3053 8440. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Our customer service is available during standard business hours.